Den gamla goda framtiden (2017)

William Sundman Sääf

The piece started its life with the title which could be translated to ’the good old future days’. From there arose questions regarding how we, as people, remember things, and probably also falsely remember things, which led to the realization of the piece. The music is largely an experiment concerning a multitude of slow and gradual changes of different musical techniques/gestures/materials in relation to the static never changing background and how these elements affect each other.

 Puncuated Equlibria (2018)

  Sebastian Ingvarsson

Performed and recorded in Artisten, The Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg on October 4th 2018, together with video-artwork "Reviere" by Anna Risell.

To view "Reviere" in full, visit:

The Most Special of Wallpapers (2017)

Sigurdur Arni Jonsson

The piece was specially written for Ensemble Dasein by the request of Nils Henriksson. The piece explores pitches, chords and sonorities, patience and experiential expectation; the poetics is sound. The piece is simply woven, it’s a textural thing; the sound is poetics.

Ensemble Dasein

All content (c) ensemble Dasein, 2017

Photo: Teodor Bille, Lonely Alien