Ensemble Dasein is a chamber ensemble dedicated to contemporary and experimental music. Our aim is to be a platform for the development and promotion of new pioneering works, by enabling closer meetings and collaborations between young composers and performers.

The ensemble was founded in 2017 and held its debut concert the following autumn, premiering compositions by William Sundman Sääf and Sigurdur Arni Jonsson.

We are continuously looking to expand our line of collaboration with passionate composers and performers, as well as with new venues and creative platforms for bringing our art to the public.


Our vision is that every work written for us becomes as big a part of the ensemble as the performers; recognizing that an artwork’s potentials lie beyond its momentary presentation of one single performance. We therefore like to invite everyone writing for us to continue to develop their specific pieces together with the ensemble over a long period of time. 

We are continuously looking out for new venues and creative platforms for our music.

We share a belief for the potential of contemporary music to reach beyond its usual domains, reaching new audiences though libraries, churches, smaller club-venues and all kinds of scenes and stages.

The ensemble has also a curiosity for interdisciplinary creative collaborations, which so far has developed into a project planned for video-artists and composers to create new works together, to be performed at Pygméteatern (Sthlm) in the spring/summer of 2018.

For more information about our performers and composers, visit the below links:

Ensemble Dasein

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Photo: Teodor Bille, Lonely Alien